You Are Your Own Source of Happiness

Happiness would be a feeling of being at peace in harmony and in love with yourself. It begins inside first. When you’re in agreement for inner true feelings then you’ll be exuding joy.People’ll only be proud to expose themselves to beams in the universe! Happiness is the most beautiful thing every individual creature can ever wear. once you’re happy you get to such a desired frequency level where you feel like you’ve been flying in the clouds, cheery and joyfully! You are strong and prepared for the real world! You don’t know.

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Everything makes sense to take a time to realize how happiness comes from. Is that from stuff like making somebody love you, or enjoying a great meal, or having a strong body, or relaxing on the seaside, or drinking a cup of hot chocolate?

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In reality, no. These all occurrences are anomalies that take place outside of us … and they really don’t make us happy. This may be associated with happiness — it happens, and then we are satisfied at the very same time.

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Happiness is something within us…we don’t need to find it outside of is the cycle that’s going inside of us . And no matter what happens outside of us, this cycle can go on. That’s why you are the only source of happiness of your own.happiness cant come from another person or other thing than why we are finding your own happiness outside us..?

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Actually you know what.In this imagnier world we are finding your happiness in other things…but your happiness is inside you. Now how to find happiness inside us?

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  • Love yourself: yes, love yourself first make a value of your own in your own life. Honar yourself ,respect yourself.
  • Accept good :Take a glance into a life by taking care of what is really going, but just because it’s not perfect wouldn’t drive everything backward.face it and try to make them perfect.
  • Imagine best :Should not be afraid to look at what you really want, and see that you get it. Most people try to avoid this method, because even if things aren’t working out they wouldn’t want to be frustrated. The truth is, knowing what you’d like to achieve is a major part of doing it.

  • Listen heartbeats :You are the only one to ask what’s filling you up. Your family and friends may think that you’d be great at something that isn’t really flying your plane.Do whatever you make happy.
  • Accept change: Even if it doesn’t feel good,change will happen. We have to accept the change in our surroundings and deal with them. So make yourself prepared for a different  experience.
  • Good things: do the thing which makes you happy.once you do the thing which you love then the happiness comes inside of you.

When you’re in the darkness then you will find for the candle to spread away the darkness. Yes like that only when you are in the dark side of your life than you were also finding for the candle but the candle which you are finding outside of you. That is stored inside you. You do not need anyone to make you happy.When you are facing the dark side of life then remember that firstly give the big hug to yourself and wrap the pain, warm, sadness in  love. Imagine yourself getting a great great warm hug when negative thoughts or emotions come to mind, and realize how wonderful it makes you happy. Offer yourself the huge, wondrous hug mentally. Wrap the love of the pain, the fear and the painful memories.

Enjoy the warm feeling of a hug. Enjoy your own company …talk with yourself, find the negative and positive points in yourself …do the good thing which you can do perfectly and motivate yourself for the thing which you can not do perfectly.

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