Things we forget to do in our busy life, that is much more important too

“By definition, you have to live until you die. Better to make that life as complete and enjoyable an experience as possible, in case death is shite, which I suspect it will be.”
Irvine Welsh, TrainspottingThings change with time and we get acquainted with the new rules and new changes. We get busy, busy to make money, busy to live life, busy to do a lot of things. Sometimes our heart beat runs faster and sometime we run fast. In the race of I running faster, you running faster, we almost forget that there are things in life, beyond these cat-fights, beyond these run-fast-competition of our own life and dreams. In my last article I mentioned how making effort for the important thing, willingness to change positively is an achievement in itself. It is always wise to change for good and as early possible. So lets see below, what are the three things, that we actually forget in our busy schedules, but they are infact more important for a meaningful life.

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Making time for people we love

You are busy, they are busy, the whole world is crazy busy. That does not mean, we don’t make effort, we don’t make time for the ones we love. For the ones we care about, For the ones, who are there by our side whenever we need them. Do make some effort, do make sometime and this will make a positive difference in your life, in your loved ones life. Life is very short we all know. Why not utilize it for the things, we actually love, for the things that make us feel life is worth it.

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Get better in a hobby we do

There is always a thing or two, that makes us feel happy. That we love to do. That we enjoy. Discover that thing, your own thing you love about. Discover the feeling that you feel when you do it. So what, if its been a long time you have not done it. Find out and guess what, get better in it. Do more of it. If it brings more life to you, then why not? Do it. Feel it and stay alive.

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Experimenting new things

After our childhood, we all-most forget that there is always a child living in us. Hiding in us. We all want play crazy, shout loud, dance with out a professional dance step like a crazy kid. Everyone wants not to get judged and stay a kid by heart. Exactly a kid by heart. Never ever ignore that kid in you. Kids experiment, they love new things, new dresses, new toys, new friends, new games and new foods. Don’t kill that kid in you. Keep experimenting new things. Learn a new dance step or sing in a bizarre voice (that you only like, if you really not are a singer). :)Come on, as I said, life is very short to judge or get judged. so don’t waste time in judging your own-self. Set free, and do more of living.

Our next article will tell you about Things you should never really give importance to (and waste time)!

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