The three steps to make your big start

Ever wondered, how and when people start? We all are busy. We all are working. We all have some objectives in life. We have plans, we have to walk miles, we have responsibilities and we all have so many things to do in life.And in these busy schedules, ever, ever, did you wonder, how the successful peoples, how the brand names got succeeded. The moment when we still are thinking about the right time to start our big plan, these peoples, the successful peoples, they already have started working on it, already started materializing it.Have you ever felt, a little idea that you ever thought of is now materialized and made by someone else. Did this ever happen to you? If yes, then here are three things that you probably like to have to look into.

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Don’t forget, Its never late to start. 

When you have a desire to start something, then you should make it real in all possible ways. There are hundreds of ideas we get, we never really materialize a single of it. Infact we never really start working on it. We keep thinking, if this idea already exists in market, if I should start, will others like it, when is the good time to to start etc.Do not think about all these. You should never be waiting for the divine moment. That is a mirage, there is no such moment. You have to work in this moment and make this moment your big-first-step moment. So start today, its not at all late.

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Plannings never works, working on it instead of planning will make it happen. 

‘I plan to do something, I have a big goal. I have big strategies already in my mind, I will make it big. When all my resources are ready and I have everything together, only then I shall start. I need the basic things to start my work. So I should wait. But, for now, let me just postpone it to tomorrow.’You wait for all things to fall in place so that you can begin but believe me that never happens. You will never really start this way! No not the plans you make, not the ideas you are discussing with your friends about your big-goal plan. Nothing works, until you take the big-step. Do you remember, in childhood we were never fully prepared for the tests. We feel as if there is still something pending. We used to think, we probably can finish reading the pending chapter before five minutes our test starts. Life keeps giving you the same moments.We feel, as if there are a lot of things we need to do, before we actually start the work but don’t forget, nothing can confirm us, that we are actually ready to face a situation 100%. You want to start a shop, go buy the first thing you will be selling in your shop, today. You want to surprise your parents in their anniversary, make that ticket booking today. Remember, the worst excuse you give to yourself, is pushing your plans-first-step to tomorrow and assuming everything will be/should be ready before I start. The tomorrow you think about, is not real. And no, don’t think you have to plan for how to start. Start today, start in the very now. Your very first step will count. Take that small step today.

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Do change a regular routine right now. 

This is a big secret about successful peoples. We can’t think a big change in your life after an year, when we are doing the same regular things all 365 days. If we are following the same routine of breakfast-office-dinner-sleep for all this one year, our life wont be any different after an year.You have a fitness goal, start jugging today. You want to be a painter, get that brush and start moving your hands right now. You want to change your job, go attain the immediate job interview, go attain the walkin in your local today.Change something in your daily routine, do something today and everyday that apparently is related to your big goal. This will make a big difference and this difference will pay back.

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