Take Charge of Your Happiness to Build Self-Esteem

A healthy self-esteem empowers you with the freedom to be yourself, to do the things you enjoy doing and to follow the right path for you. You’ll be more inclined to seek genuine friendships and feel comfortable with who you are. The overall focus will be more positive and that can help with happiness.

Increasing to charge your Self-Esteem and Happiness

1. Accept yourself for who you are:-Maybe you think you’re not confident or talented enough. Always tell yourself that everyone has weaknesses and nobody is perfect. Stop focusing on the things you lack and let go of anything that you cannot change. Give yourself some credit and love yourself.

2.Help others:-When you’re feeling helpless, go out and help someone else. Perhaps you can join a non-profit to volunteer your skills.This will allow you to see other realities, which will help you appreciate how fortunate you really are. It will also make you more confident because you will feel you can add great value to others in need.

3.Be present:-By learning to not worry so much about the past and the future, you can start focusing on the moment, seeing each day as a new opportunity to do your best. By being in the present you will have more confidence because you’ll know that whatever negative experience you had in the past does not have to repeat itself. You will feel empowered to create a compelling future regardless of what’s happened before, which will strengthen your sense of self-worth

4.Go after what you want:-Trying to please everyone will only leave you with never-ending stress and anxiety. Sometimes, you really do need to put yourself first. Figure out what it is that you really want in life and start working towards your goal. What makes you happy?

5.Filter your inner circle:-We can’t always avoid negative people; they’re everywhere. But you can choose to surround yourself with people who support you and encourage you to be a better human being, while you also do the same for them; and you can create some distance in relationships where this isn’t the case.Trust that by creating some distance, you will make space for more healthy relationships. Give yourself the opportunity to be surrounded by great souls.

4. Let go of control:- Don’t let yourself get disappointed by trying to control everything in your life. Have some flexibility and have faith that it will all be okay in the end. When things don’t happen the way you want, take a deep breath and try to stay calm. Being upset over things you have no control of is just not worth it.

Low self-esteem is associated with negative thoughts about yourself; and negativity feeds unhappiness. Conversely, a healthy self-esteem means being more accepting of yourself and your life, with far fewer negative thoughts.

Signs of a healthy self-esteem include:

  • Being authentic; pursuing the things you enjoy doing and that are good for you
  • Being assertive and speaking up for yourself
  • Not worrying excessively about what others think
  • Focusing on your own life without the need to compare yourself to others
  • Less worry about rejection, failure or not fitting in
  • Talking and thinking about yourself in a healthy way
  • seeing the positives in your life
  • Pursuing real friendships and relationships
  • Being okay with being alone
  • Having healthy boundaries
  • Looking after your own needs rather than people pleasing
  • Loving yourself as a whole person, flaws and all
  • Believing that you deserve a fulfilling life and to be loved
  • A healthy interest in other people and things, as well as yourself
  • Accepting responsibility for your life instead of blaming other people or your circumstances; that means taking action to change the things you don’t like that are changeable.

A healthy self-esteem empowers you with the freedom to be yourself, to do the things you enjoy doing and to follow the right path for you. You’ll be more inclined to seek genuine friendships and feel comfortable with who you are. The overall focus will be more positive and that can help with happiness.

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