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Prolisma Affiliate Program

Prolisma gives an opportunity to refer and earn. Participation on this program is open for all. You will be Prolisma’s brand ambassador promoting Prolisma’s sales and discount campaigns and works/products/catalogs/images. You can Earn upto 15% of the total amount, on every sell you make. Commission will be credited to your bank account every biweekly.

How it works?

Method1: Using this method you will earn flat 15% of every sell you make. 

You can directy choose products (take a snapshot or download image) from our shop page  and advertise anywhere (Eg: Your social medias and groups like Facebook/Instagram) and in any country. Below is an example of a post in one of the Facebook buy and sale group. When a sell happens, share customers EmailID, phone number and Full name and your contact number name and emailID to and we will contact you to send the commission to your account. Product code is the “‘SKU” mentioned in the product page. Whatsapp on this link for more information.

Method2: Using this method you will earn flat 10% of every sell you make.

  • Each Affiliate will be given a specific code, which is to be used and shared along with the forwards and promotional messages to whomsoever you can.
  • The code is a DISCOUNT COUPON which will bear some discount decided by the management every week.
  • Every time someone uses that discount coupon you will receive an email from us within 48 hours about the same.
  • Each time the code is used you will receive 10% Commission on the same.
  • For luxury items, you will get 20% commission on each bill (selling price more than or equals 10,000)
  • Commissions will be credited to your bank accounts biweekly.

Ways to promote (Examples):

  • You share the discount coupon and promotional images across your social media handles.
  • You manage to get a billing of 20,000 in a month. Which means 2000/- in your pocket.

Looking forward to have you on board. Share more. Earn more.

Contact us by filling the form below or on our social media links here for a quicker response (Facebook Instagram/ FB Messanger/ Email).  or  Whatsapp on this link .

Good Luck!


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