“How To Turn Any Bad Photo Into A Masterpiece Using Only Your Mobile”

This course will help you design world class images just using your smart phone. You can design for yourself, your brand or design for others and earn money.


Without being a techie or messing 

with complicated design programs.

Listen to know why a creative photo is important.


Swarna Mishra

Brand Designer | Web Developer | Graphics & Animation Expert | Serial Entrepreneur | Author

This may surprise you.


I’ll go out on a limb here.

And tell you that simply reading this short page now might change your whole idea about design for the rest of your life.


Can you relate?


– Looking for new photos to share?

– Can’t create new photos that look good enough?

– All your old photos just look bad?


But it’s not your fault. The situation in the world has caught us all unprepared. And that’s why I’m going to share with you on this short page:

I’ll show you how I turned my un-photogenic photos into eye-catching spectacular photos

That most people don’t even believe 

were designed with a phone.

But first, let me introduce myself.

Hey my name is Swarna Mishra,

I am a brand designer, Website Developer, a Graphic designer, Serial Entrepreneur and phone photography expert.
Few years ago I started Prolisma from my bedroom. No more than few Rupees and a laptop. Prolisma was an inspirational blog at the beginning and then it was converted to Women’s E commerce Fashion-store. As the team grew we started shipping to 94+ countries across the globe (all though shipping is on hold for COVID-19). 


After making Prolisma a huge success I stepped into brand making and established Yuvaan Technologies. My experience of creating Prolisma helped me scale up other businesses. And I stepped into brand development of third party companies. 


Yuvaan Technologies provides business development software solutions and consultations. 


While being in this journey I realized there is a gap in market, for image designing/graphic designs. People pay a lot just for designing. Because Entrepreneurs are busy building their products/services and it is assumed it takes a lot of effort creating professional images, and is time consuming. So they usually prefer to give this work to another agency. Which sometimes turns to be huge hole in the pocket. 


Fast-forward to today one of my company ranked as the 19th fastest growing company in the country…


But none of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for this selling system using visual branding.
I used it to ‘sell’ my way to building the #1 fastest growing digital agency in the country…
Visual Branding unfairly dominates markets and crushes competitors.
You see, having a selling system is the single most valuable asset your business can acquire. Period.
Having one will ensure you will never, ever, go hungry…
All I can tell you right now is this…


If you’re a coach, consultant or sell a service of ANY kind, a social media influencer, aspiring social media influencer, this will change the trajectory of your life.

We’ve been sold lies.. Let’s be honest for a moment

We’ve been taught that “editing” photos is cheating (NOT!) 


And that every photo that you take must be “top-notch”.


..That’s what the “kale-eating-models” want us to believe.


But in reality, those models that you see shining on social media – didn’t take a perfect photo.


but they “CHEATED”.


A beautiful photo on social media – IS ALL about the editing.


It’s Not Your Fault

The truth is that you never had a fighting chance to get the “perfect” photo.
And here’s why:

Can we agree that most of the times it’s someone else who is taking a photo of you?

A friend, a sibling, or maybe just a stranger who you’ve asked to take a photo of you..

So then, you have to go all-in on the fact that they can take a good photo, right?
And if you’re like me, one photo is not enough. You ask that person to take as many photos as they can.
While they also need to pay attention to “lights, colors, people in the background, your pretty smile and a lot of other things”.
..Which is why it’s almost impossible to get a perfect photo.
And if you went through all the photos that got shot that day and thought to yourself, “I’m just not photogenic”..
..And you gave up on the perfect photo because everyone told you that you need an army of designers, “Photoshop experts” in order to generate world-class photos…
That’s EXACTLY what happened to me.
But the truth is…

You Don’t Even Have To Be Extreme Graphic Designer To Design Stunning World-Class Photos.

When I started to design, I was just like you.
Today, I’m so happy that I learned all those design secrets by myself – (that you’ll also learn) and don’t depend on others to create one.
After all I’ve been through, I’ve discovered that..

Photo Editing Should Only Take Minutes – But It Will Take Hours If You Don’t Do It Right…

The secret to a perfect photo is available on your phone. 

Do you believe the photo below was taken on a beach actually?

Same photo edited differently! 

Original Photo


After I used the design secrets that I’ve been studying all those years, the results were simply ABSURDLY good!
I designed world-class, professional graphic design “designs” using ONLY my Smart Phone, without using a single complicated design program. 
Each photo became a masterpiece. 
I get countless emails, messages from peoples asking me how they can design creative photos.


“Your photos will continue to be boring…

 Until You Fix The Root Of The Problem”
Slowly I realized that this huge problem requires a solution.
In recent months I worked hours on end just to solve this problem.
I created a comprehensive program that shows how to create stunning edited & designed photos that look like they were pulled out of a catalogue – straight from her home.
Without being tech-savvy and without spending too much time on photography and editing.

And now,

For the first time ever…

I am excited to present you with:


Phone Photo editing mastery: A step by Step Guide to Beautiful Photos That will blow your mind. 


  Using Only A Smartphone

  Fun And Easy Way

  Zero technological skills

   Without messing about with complicated design programs

Due to the situation in the world right now, with all the uncertainty – I’ve decided to give back to the community. Keep reading:


Here is what you will get in this tutorial


Complete Photo Editing tutorial.


Literally be anywhere in the globe or even roam on galaxy by just using your phone.


Aesthetic Bunch: You can design your matching photos using this.


The Magic Wand: turning any bad photo into high class photo.


Artistic masterpiece: Create images that are too hard to believe for real world but takes you to the fairy land.


Change background, color of the sky and add effects.


My secret guide of creating social posters.

“Phone Photo Editing Mastery.”

– By Swarna Mishra.


Today’s Price $97



Join today at $47 and get full access to Phone photo Editing Mastery on 15th June 2020.


If You are asking yourself

Will all of the classes mentioned above be in my e-mail now?
Yes, after making the secured and discrete payment, classes will arrive in your e-mail.


Are these face-to-face meetings? I don’t want anyone to know I bought the classes.
No, these are not face-to-face meetings. These are fascinating and interesting video classes.
Is my information confidential?
 No one will know that you took interest in the classes and your information will not be delivered to anyone.
Is it complicated to design using a phone?
It really, really isn’t. The classes are given in a professional and meticulous fashion.
Does the course have an expiration date?
As soon as you register for the course, you will get immediate lifelong access to all course materials, updates and the exclusive Facebook group.
So, if you are currently too busy to commit to taking a new course, rest at ease –
You can join the course now and start whenever you want and at your own pace –
Even if that happens in two months or even after…
You can start whenever you want.
What happens if I get stuck in the course and have questions?
As a student of the course you will have access to my private Facebook group where you can ask questions whenever you are stucked. 
How fast will I be getting the program in my e-mail after making payment?
You will be able to download it immediately after making the payment. The download will have a link to the site and password to access the whole program. 
I’m 72 years old and a technophobe without any knowledge in photography and design, is this course right for me?
The materials are explained simply and easily through practical presentations and screenshots with details explanations that can really teach you the basics, step-after-step from zero, what to click and do,
so you too could design perfect photos.
If I don’t have a business or a blog, is this course right for me?
Yes, the course suits almost everyone and teaches you how to shoot and design stunning photos.
How long will it take me to design my perfect art photo?
It mostly depends on you and on your progress, the program provides you with all the tools you need to design it as fast and efficient as possible.
Will anyone get my information?
Not at all. The purchase is done discretely. I will never know your identity unless you send me a personal e-mail, and I will not forward your details to anybody.
Is it at all safe to pay via credit card online?
The safest. This website is SSl secured. And all trustworthy payment gateways are used.
Seriously now, is this the price for the whole program?
It is for now, but only for now.
In 24 hours, the price goes up and you will not be able to register for the same price you’re seeing right now.
And the entire program is online, right?
Yes. You’ll get personal access to a private and secured member site with all the materials, videos and instructions.
And I would be able to access it from my smartphone or tablet?
100% yes. The member site is very user-friendly with desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones and tablets of all kinds.


I WANT THIS PROGRAM NOW AT $47 (Goes back to $97 5th June 2020)

This is available to buy in USD or INR. Goes back to $97 on 5th June 2020.

Check out some before and after photos below.