Passion will find you and take it all!

“As if you were on fire from within.
The moon lives in the lining of your skin.”– Pablo Neruda

We keep saying we are passionate, but for what? It takes 30 years, 40 years and in some-cases a life time to just figure out what we are actually passionate about. Passion is not a choice, its an urge, a calling from with in, that forces you to do as it pleases. Its a sparkle, once it catches the fire, it keeps growing, unstoppable.

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  • Here is a little story of passion:

Mr. Pro was an excellent employee, an excellent sales man, a wonderful soul, always a happy face and a faithful colleague. His boss never forgets to pat him for his excellent works. But there is something inside him that kept hunting him. He used to sing, follow singers, listen music, and closes his eyes while whispering the slow songs. His legs shake with happiness, with the rhythm of music. Well peoples, peoples are the once who never forget to make fun of any good thing you do. And his boss was no less. They all used to make fun and tease him. Apart from this one thing (One bad habit, in his boss’s language), he was extraordinary at work, there was nothing bad about him. Its his life’s 12 years he dedicated to this salesman work, to his boss but no he was not promoted. He just heard the kind words, words of appreciation but the one who got promoted was his boss.He could have left the job, could have been a singer, but he knew his singing wont pay his bills, his passion has to compromise because it has only pain and no luxury.I am putting a pause to this story now, and I will complete it at the end of this article. Lets now see what Mr.Pro actually have learnt while going through this phase called choosing between the profession and a passion?

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Passion is not a hobby, not always.

Hobby is something you do to pass your time, you like to do it however its not something you can’t live without. In the other hand passion is something, will force you to like it, it will make you go crazy behind it. No, you wont always like the circumstances it will create. It will make you fail, it will hurt you and it will make you feel naked and frustrated. In such moments, when you feel broken, you have help yourself. But once you choose passion you will be forced to stick to it.

Passion will confuse you.

At the beginning you will only see the sugar coated overlay. This will confuse you. You will link passion to happiness, to success and forget the journey in between. This might get quite misleading! Read: What to do when life confuses you. 

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Passion is never sugar coated, its much worse than the pain of love.

You’r passion is never a destination. Its a journey, you will be forced to walk through. There will be water, there will be fire and it will make you go through the hell, through the heaven. The pain you will choose by choosing passion, will be immense sometimes, but you know that’s your own passion. Your, your very own thing. You will cross the hell, no matter what.

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Passion and relationship might look similar

You don’t choose passion, your passion chooses you. Like the relationship, you keep choosing your partner but you never know who is going to stick to you through out. Its all written! Sometimes you will enjoy, sometimes the relationship sucks but you don’t have any other option than just sticking to the relationship and so as sticking to your passion.

Passion journey will make you grow

But then, you will realize who you are, whats the purpose you being here? Why you are so crazy for your passion. This is never all sweet thing, but it is worth it. It will make you win. It will make you grow.By now, Mr. Pro has gone through all this! Because he chooses his passion over everything – over his 12 years of so successful carrier and over his so always-admiring boss. He looked through his glass chamber and saw a girl sitting outside, nervous, shaking legs and whispering something to herself. It was her boss’s daughter.  Today, Mr. Pro owns one of the biggest music company in the country. And he saw the young girl sitting outside, is now ready to to start her journey called passion. Start her journey called soul-calling. She is now ready for all the pains, and all the gains, passion has to offer her, in such a young age.Like Mr Pro. she is now ready choose her passion, ready to grow, ready to win and ready to be unstoppable!

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