Making These 5 Simple Changes Totally Transformed My Body (and Mind)

World struggles with the covid-19 and people sitting at home from 3 to 4 months struggle with the fitness issue. To us all health is the most important. Despite this covid-19 condition, people stay at home and enjoy nice meals.When we’re eating heavy meals, we’ve done too much of the exercise to digest the meal.Undigested heavy meal leads to health issues. Most of us are conscious of nutrition, but not all of us. Everybody’s worried about fitness, but nobody wants to do any workout. We all addicted ourselves to the bad habits.

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In the next year, at the end of the holiday season, people tend to think about their health and wellness goals. Yet, before the first month of the year is even over, many people give up on their goals. We’ve got to change our habits and not the food. Should not stop enjoying the food that you love. You’ve got to love the healthy stuff. Changing how you think is hard. Changing your environment isn’t. By training your habits. You always get better thoughts if your health is good. Yeah our mind depends on our health as well. Those five changes have had a huge effect on my body (and mind):

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  • Don’t mark food as “good” or “bad”: We all have the habits of labeling the food we eat somewhere in our minds. We have given the good and bad labels to the food. What is good and bad food?  Everything we eat has been predefined by our culture. The food we love is good for us and the food we don’t love is bad food.
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  • Working out: Working out is less common nowadays. Everyone wants better health but nobody needs to work. We had a much closer working relationship and practiced emotional gains rather than calorie burning. When stay-at-home order struck, important gyms and yoga studios were closed. It’s getting hard for people who are aware of fitness but work at home.
  • There is no secret: Every season brings with it a new “weight loss pill,” “magic supplement,” or “miracle diet,” claiming to be the cure-all for health and weight control woes. It’s not true. there is not a product like a miracle vitamin or medicine for weight loss. The company wants to sell unlimited products that way they use this name. We were seeking to go dairy-free. In CrossFit, we got the hard-core. We were seeking well-researched supplements such as fish oil, creatine, etc. There is nothing wrong with all of this stuff. That’s just in the big picture we were losing out on. The combination of several small diets, health, and lifestyle changes we made was not enough to make one big change.
  • Bring in rather than remove: The addition and subtraction of these two words are very easy to hear but difficult to implement. The drawback with any diet is that it focuses on what not to eat, which reinstates the “good” and “bad” labels. One of the main improvements that made the most difference in eating habits is thinking about food. We know the food’s nutrients and benefits but we do have bad habits
  • Just drink more water: Drinking water Helps preserve body fluid balance. Your body consists of about 60 percent water. These bodily fluid functions include digestion, absorption, circulation, saliva formation, nutrient transportation, and body temperature maintenance. That’s why everyone needs to drink more water. First of all, drinking a big glass of water when we wake up, sipping on a reusable straw all day long, and getting three drinks at a time to reach optimum hydration, needs to make a huge difference in how my body feels.

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