Live The Very Now!

Life is uncertain, and there is no denying. It looks everything happened yesterday, but we realize there is a year’s gap. Time flies at the blink of our eye and we underestimate it’s power thinking we have a lot of time. Truth is, we have a lot to do but we are given a very limited time. Just one life-time. And we have dreams larger than life. So it’s always wise to choose to fly, rather than killing time on thinking, I wish I could, if I would. Life is ‘YOUR VERY NOW’. Celebrate it, irrespective of the type of feelings you are getting, irrespective of the way life is treating you.So to live fully in the very now, to feel alive, to feel our heartbeat each moment, not necessarily we have do a very big something. There are very small things, everyday we do, can inspire us to stay amazed to stay happy. Here is how:

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Laugh with kids and old peoples

They connect us with soul. The laugh they give us is real. The kids, the old’s are the ones, who either are not at all aware what is life, or the ones who understood everything about life. So the everything with them will be genuine, true and soul touching.

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Get closure to nature

Stair the beautiful flower, inhale the fresh air. Dance with the rhythm of the rain drops. Nature is big, big than we imagine and as they say, we feel very tiny, amazing and protected when we stand in-front of big something, very big something, like sea, like sky full of stars, like beautiful mountain. We loose our ego, we become the real self and realize our existence in such vast universe. And this feeling is refreshing. It gives energy to see life in a different angle.

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Say no to ‘Digital things’ for sometime in a day.

Just dedicate few percent of your day to the digital life, not 100%, decide your time. This remaining time will make you get more close to your family, to things that are more important than your mobile, than your laptop.

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Do something that makes you feel good about yourself, everyday.

Love to pamper yourself? Do it! Reading makes you get going, read it. Dance keeps your heart racing, dance. Its generally, our childhood hobby, we love about. That is hidden in us, and are waiting for our free-time to come out, start performing. We should do justice to our such desires. We should make some time out to fulfill such desires, to keep that child in us alive.

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Do a small act of kindness, whenever you get chance.

Help someone, for no reason. Just let the kind you stay alive in you. This will make you dance to your own tune, because soul knows what feeds it. A little act of kindness, a little act of humanity, a little love, care and human things makes us feel more alive, more of ourselves.

Get socialized, make friends.

There is no saying no to this. Friends are half part of your life, after our family. Stay connected to friends, so that you live more of your life. Making more friends is more win win.

Learn to enjoy your own company.

You are alone and not lonely. Understand this. there is so much more you can do when you have such a ‘me time’. If you still need to hear some voice, put on that radio/the music instead, it was invented for your convenience after-all 🙂

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Give yourself sometime, to feel, to heal, to breath!

Life gives us greens and reds. It’s OK, to have some up’s and downs, that’s how we learn, that’s how we grow. When broken, give your self some time, to heel. Everything has a time limit attached to it. The bad’s has its time period and so the goods too. Everything will pass. When in bad phase, give yourself and your life some time to heal. And if its a good phase, take a deep breath, feel it, live it, enjoy it.

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