Prolisma.com is world’s one and only forum For & about women with big dreams &High Fashion. Blog. Podcast. Shop. Growth. #GoBoldGoProlisma.This is a place where women gather, discuss growth, money, discuss all things entrepreneurship, discuss mental health, happiness, get expert advise, get business growth solutions and empower each other. We sell women’s fashion products that inspires you to go bold in every stage of your life. Read carefully the product details and and check out our Instagram stories for the making and behind the scenes of every masterpiece we create (@prolisma) and we bet you will love us more.

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Prolisma.com is world’s one and only forum that is not just an e commerce platform or just a Blog. We are about Strategies. Podcast. Shop. Growth. Lifestyle, Women’s growth. #GoBoldGoProlisma. Because we believe women are an work of art. Woman is power. Woman is poetry. There is nothing she can never do because she is the one who made universe happen, because she is the one who made life happen!

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We are a community of empowered women wanting to learn grow & make money. Join us & nbox your potentials. 
We are about fashion & inspiration.