How to organize the chaotic routine, a messy day!

We all are given the same time period in a day, the 24 hours. A company’s CEO is given same 24 hours a day, A countries president is given same 24 hours. However, there are times, we complain, we don’t have enough time. We fail to manage our time and things look hectic. So the question is, how we can manage the same 24 hours, as the already successful peoples are managing.

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A good breakfast

This gives you energy to deal with whatever is going to come. You need a physical and mental balance to deal with all your daily routines. A regular and healthy breakfast gives you that energy, do deal with it.

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Keep a quick note of to-do’s.

Have that sticky note on your machine or a note pad and pen with you. Write it down. Try to make it early in day, and cross it once the task is done. This will help you to not to forget the priority things to be done.

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If you can do it now, do it.

If something takes less than five minutes, it’s worth doing it right now, rather postponing. This five minutes, might not look that messy now, than that will look at the end of your day, when you are tired and exhausted.

Schedule a time period for the important activities, that is directly impacting your success.

In your busy schedule, do not forget you are working for your growth. Take an appointment with yourself and make yourself available in that time period, so that you talk to yourself, analyse and do the thing for your own growth. Remember this is high priority.

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Learn to say NO!

If there is more important and more productive task you have in your planned list, then you can always say no to an unplanned task, that is just knocking for your time now. Do remember, things are not always that important, the way they are seen. You can always schedule a time for a specific task, and this is how we become strategic.

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Before doing anything, analyse!

Analyse, what you are going to achieve from the task that you are going to do now. Focus on the results you are expecting. Planning before a task, helps you to be more productive as you are aware of your expectations and the potential outcomes of the task.

Utilize the waiting period

Your work is dependent on something; you are waiting for right now. Do utilize that time for your second priority task. If there is nothing in list, move on to read the next point below.

Take Breaks

We often neglect this. This is a very important thing. We can’t be more productive, with out break, and working continuously. Don’t forget to click that refresh button for your own mind, too.

Try to avoid the phone calls, emails, chats if its not urgent.

This is obvious. When we have already some priorities scheduled, we should not be re-prioritizing the tasks, for a phone call that was never urgent. Your phone, your chat messages are for your own convince, not the callers.Finally, do not forget, you are not a machine. It’s just impossible to get everything done at a go.Take time focus on incremental results. In such busy and hectic schedule, don’t forget that you are a human too. There will be flaws in the work you do, there will always something be missing out and there will always be something that is yet not complete. Rather than confusing yourself focus on the good things life has to offer you. Try to enjoy the work you are doing, rather being robotic in the process of achieving the result.Whenever you get such a messy day, take a deep breath, have a glass of water (it refreshes you), smile and get going again!

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