How to do self-help, when you feel broken

There are times, we feel lost, we feel distracted we feel alone and helpless. As they say life is all about uncertainty. There is no real assurance you can ever give, on what is going to happen in life.In such moments, when we feel alone, worried, helpless and distracted, we need support, we need real care. But before that, we being our very own first priority, we have to help ourselves.Here is how to do self-help:

Note down your strengths.

This might be a relationship, your family, your beautiful body, your confidence, your smartness, your communication skills or any extra ordinary achievement. Note the positive thing down and read it. Feel each word, you have written. Positivity is very contagious. The positive notes that you just noted down, will inspire you.

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Call, talk and meet your best friend.

There is a reason why you call them best. They may not have solutions to all your problems, but they have a guidance always ready for you, they can always show you a more positive and good direction as they know you more closely and this apparently will add up to your growth.

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Delete all the negative things in life.

You are upset, and that is going to be ok soon. So don’t worry, things change, people change and also time changes. One good thing in such a crucial time, you can do for yourself is, deleting all such negative thoughts, talks and peoples from your life. Offcource life is not science/physics.  In here, Negativity never attracts positivity. So make yourself ready to click that delete button as soon as possible.

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