Confidence is Sexy!

We human’s by nature are attracted to the things that are attractive, that are appealing and that are sexy. When it comes to relate our-self’s to human behaviors, we speak about a lot of things. We speak about, values, morals, ethics, the do goods and we say that is what attracts us. But the funny thing is we forget, by nature we attracted to the things that appeal us. Probably we don’t accept saying this openly.So there is a definitely great trick that we human’s have (in fact many other animals also do have), which adds up to the our natural self, very much positively and that is CONFIDENCE. We get attracted very often towards the peoples, no not just to the looks but towards the peoples whom we find confident.Why is so and how can we make our self look that appealing?

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Confidence shows your own persona’s reflection

It shows how you feel about yourself. So the key is irrespective of everything feel great about your own self. If you are happy, show it on your face, if you are sad, don’t feel guilty. Its just a matter of time, and that will pass.

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Saying no, takes guts. 

A confident person knows how and when to say no. After all life is not about pleasing everyone, all the time. Try to please yourself. Learn to say no, when ever required. This is a great confidence booster.

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Move on from the negatives, as early possible.

Yes, negativity confuses your mind, It drags you to the deep dark secret rooms and then tries to imprison you. No, no, don’t you stay there. Move on. Move on. The moment you feel something is wrong, you are not happy, something is pulling you down, something is costing you your self-esteem, alert! Its time to move on. Confidence has to be a process. You can’t say, I was confident yesterday, and today aaaa..umm.. I don’t know!

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See the smiling you in the mirror. 

So, you want to be confident! Act confident. Even when you are home alone. It really takes practice. Stay happy, smile at your own reflection, say it you are happy. Please your own soul, own being. A happy you, reflects a confident you.Read

Walk Bold.

Watch out for your own body movements and postures. They speak a lot like a personal dairy. The way you sit, you talk, move your hands, smile, make eye contact speaks a lot about you. Just Google some confidence-postures 🙂

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Be thankful.

Do you remember who complimented you for anything recently? Remember that person, they way he/she spoke to you. If you imagine, don’t you see a confident person, who gave you compliment. Yes, saying thanks, might be look old school, but its never going to be out of  fashion. Be thank you, and let the other person know, that you are thankful. Try once, and see the result.

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Talk Positive.

No, not just think, but talk positive. Ignore all those negative words you ever had to say about. From now, forget and just talk positive. Talk positive things in your family, at your work, to your friends. They say, what you speak is eventually gets reflected in your life. So positivity is a big thing, that we definitely want in our life. Practice, for one day, for two day, for a week, a month and forever. This will really help our are ready to conquer!

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