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She Gave New Identity To India’s Woolen Fashion Industry

When opportunities fell in my lap, I grabbed them. It has made me who I am today.” What started as a handloom-based enterprise for making shawls in Ludhiana around four decades ago, is now a leading manufacturer and brand in the country for scarves, shawls, and stoles. She says, “The idea immediately hit me. I […]

How This Woman Entrepreneur Turned From Fat to Fit & Built A Business From Her Passion

“Sometimes the main difference between people who do big things and the people that don’t is just the courage to begin where you are.” These are the first words you see when you stumble across the techie turned entrepreneur, Prolisma Power Woman Shama Tulisigiri. Prolisma Questions: Please tell us more about yourself. Shama Tulshigiri Answers […]