Until you make the first move!

“Doesn’t matter if you can dream it or not, all that matters is if you can begin it or not? Take that first step.” ― VikrmnCorpkshetraThe other side is always appealing, always attractive and always fascinating. We might dream to achieve, we might not, we might just think ‘I wish I am there’.  And that’s it. A true calling. When you wish, you start thinking, you can have it or you can be there, your goal takes a shape and waits for your first move.Have you ever wondered this thing, this very thing I could have also done, and in a better way, is actually now done by someone else. So question is what is the difference between that person who materialized it and yourself. It’s the very first step. Every time you imagined to do it, to be there, to achieve this. But, in the other hand this person, who now rejoices the accomplishment has actually taken the first step, the very first step and never looked back.
Don’t think you are not prepared
Think big and start small has always been a great success secret. If you have a vision, you have a plan go ahead and start now. Because one can never be ready 100% sometime, to do something. Each small step counts. Even though you are ready just 5% go ahead, your this very first step will make you ready for your next 5%. As they say “No matter how long the preparation, you will never feel ready to write an exam, to start a business, to be parent or even to die. Just go for it.” – ― Moffat Machingura
First step is the best step
So the first step is the best step in a journey towards a destination. – Debasish Mridha. Every small step you take will eventually make you closer to your bigger goal. And every little step of yours gives you the confidence to take the next step.Like what you just read? Do share your feedback in the comments below. And yes keep sharing our posts on FacebookTwitterPinterest and let your friends know us too and in return we promise you to be your gift, a catalyst for a positive, inspiring, fashionable life – full of love for life. As we say, life is living the very moment. Go Bold, be a pro in life’s charisma. Go bold. Go Prolisma.
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