TO-Do’s When Life Confuses You!

Every time we are given two options. A yes or a no. Either you stick to it or you say no to it. This is how life is probably designed to be, meant to be. In so many stages of life, in fact in every day today affair we are given these two choices, either we choose yes or we choose no. Life gives us all fair chances, to select the desired answer.

Your life is what you make it, what you choose for it. It’s you who created it. Sometimes we choose the right option and sometimes wrong, but life being so polite to us gives us a lot many chances to choose the appropriate answer, and change the previous selection, again and again. And this is the moment we get afraid, we get upset, we get more worried.

At this phase of life, we all have to focus on our wellbeing, our growth and development. And we have to stay positive irrespective of all odds. Here is how:

Do not regret for whatever has happened.

Regrets creates tension and unwanted confusions in life for a situation, you do absolutely have no control on.

Believe in your future.

Believe the best is yet to come. Believe something more good than yesterday is going to happen. Believe makes a positive difference, when you start believing something that is yet not happened, eventually it will happen.

Act you are happy.

Even though you don’t feel happy, act happy. Happiness is a very positive energy in itself. It’s contagious. When you smile, you make your surrounding happy and apparently you get that positive vibe to keep yourself happy.

Look good.

Yes, in such times try to look the best versions of yourself. It’s all natural thing. When we look good we automatically feel good. Its not about the texture of your skin or the kind of perfume you used, but its about confidence. You automatically feel confident, when you feel you are looking good.

Make someone smile without a plan.

Smile at a stranger, an old person or a child. Try to talk to a person who is not of your age, or your society. Play, laugh out with a small kid. Laughter is cure for almost all problem. So laugh and make others laugh. Laughter pays back.

Speak to friends.

Talk to friends, have a phone conversation, go meet personally or have a party. Your friends know where you belong, what you come from and how you express your feelings. They will understand.

Give family some quality time.

Go on a outing, attain a function or just help Dad or Mom in doing something. This will make you realize, you have a lot of things that you have to do rather wasting your time thinking unnecessary things.

Divert your attention from all negatives.

Yes divert it, try to ignore and forget all negative things, or wrong choices you made. If you feel guilty, heartbroken go back to your friend and family. There is a reason why we call them friend and family.

Stay positive and focus on future.

Focus on your own goals, a passion that you forgot about in your busy days. If you dance good go join a dance class to learn more. If you sing good, make a youtube video and let it go viral.

Remember, the things, the problems we are focusing on today have absolutely no value in future. Rather than worrying about the negative past, focus on future. Go run for your passion. There is a ocean of positive things in life that can keep your heart racing. Its ok it happened, but don’t forget the best part of it, it’s gone. Its past now.

Don’t forget best is yet to come.

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