How cool it is to be ordinary – The Old Man’s Story!

Today I am old, helpless, tired and retired. I don’t have more urge remaining to look through the good and the bad. I don’t have energy to be any more judgmental. I don’t have the patience to analyse and wait for the results. Literally, I don’t have anything now and this is the truth.I am looking through the gone days and wishing many things now. Life changes with each passing moment, and I was fool to realize this, this late.
I wish I lived more than I worried
I kept myself worried for each single thing going to happen with me. I was worried about the risks, my future, money, job and everything and missed to realize the more I am worrying the less I am living.
I wish I would have been more brave to embrace the changes
Every step in my life, i took with fear of being unsuccessful. I never realized why it was worth to take the risk. Life is not about all consistency. Life will change and change is life. I failed to understand this thing while I was young and capable.
I wish I got more memories with my family and my friends
There are many things, i forgot to do (that are more important too) while I was acting busy. Busy for life busy for money. And I miss the important peoples now. I wish I spent more time on the peoples I loved.
I wish I would have done something to make someone happy
Life being so gentle, gave me enough opportunity to help others, to be happy by seeing someone else happy. I wish at this stage of my life, I have some precious smiles of strangers, of loved faces, to cherish.
I wish I lived each day, each moment rather than counting the Christmas
I never understood how to live the now, and when now I want to live now, there is no now remaining for me.
I wish I would less cared about what others think
I was confused about society standards, definitions. I was not aware what to do when life confuses me.
I wish lived, loved and laughed more than the money I earned
Life is short and its now I know it is. I am very late to realize this. I want to go back to the old days, when I was young, I was capable, I was energetic so that I just can laugh more, think less and love and live more.
I wish I traveled more
They all said, travelling is a good teacher. But all the time I traveled is just a business trip, and never really enjoyment. I never had in mind, I need to explore, I need to go crazy, learn new things, fall in love with new peoples, fall in love with new places, fall in love with new culture.And today, I just wish all these things for my life, that life has offered me at my very young age. However I being so ignorant,  reject all these offers. I took everything for granted. I ignored, how precious my life is. I rejected all these wishes my life wished for itself. I rejected to breath. I rejected to live. I rejected the present. I rejected life.I wish, I was ordinary, and not trying to please myself by money, work and status. I wish I was ordinary to know life is love, life is time, and life is each passing moment when I am planning for the future.I wish ‘To be ordinary’ was not that difficult.Like what you just read? Do share your feedback in the comments below. And yes keep sharing our posts on FacebookTwitterPinterest and let your friends know us too and in return we guaranty you to be your gift a catalyst for a positive, inspiring, fashionable life – full of love for life. As we say, life is living the very moment. Go Bold, be a pro in life’s charisma. Go bold. Go Prolisma.You may also like to read:How to do self-help when you feel broken. 

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