May you be the unstoppable!

A sparkle in you that keeps hunting you. You breath, you feel, you dance, you love, you dream, you fall, you stand, you work, you act and you sleep. Whatever goes on, this sparkle in you never sleeps. This sparkle never turns off. This sparkle keeps hunting you, keeps knocking you, keeps you awake.When you feel this, when you realize this, never, never ever turn this off. This is the very moment your life was waiting for you to have. This is your soul calling. You have to respect it. When you respect this sparkle, the inner you, your soul calling, it will catch the fire. And will keep growing.Huge, Wild and Unstoppable!May you be the sparkle, may you be the fire.May you be the unstoppable!Like what you just read? Do share your feedback in the comments below. And yes keep sharing our posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and let your friends know us too and in return we promise you to be your gift a catalyst for a positive, inspiring, fashionable life – full of love for life. As we say, life is living the very moment. Go Bold, be a pro in life’s charisma. Go bold. Go Prolisma.

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