8 Green Lehengas that prove ‘Green is the New Red’ when it comes to Bridal Lehengas!

In terms of bridal lehengas, green definitely is the new red. This wedding season, green lehengas trended, and how! One reason that green is such a fad these days is that it perfectly suits Indian skin tones and makes the bride look radiant. Second, it’s green; hard to miss a vibrant color like that, right? […]

This bride wore Lehenga & we’ve never seen anyone look SO Royal!

Brownish and pinkies have always been bridal favourite colours when it comes to picking out the ideal bridal lehenga. But brides are changing the tide in favor of different pastel lehengas that are so beautiful for their wedding day. Not only do they make for the ideal colour palette for a day wedding but are […]

If you do these 10 things, he’s going to be losing interest in you instantly

1. If you’re not honest Honesty is one of the main aspects when you decide to start a relationship. If you are who you really are and he likes you, then you don’t have to be afraid of anything. However, if you are misleading and claim to be someone you are not, sooner or later he will see through it.  2.  If you don’t give him space Guys […]

7 Things That Happen When You Have A Strong Woman In Your Life

Not everybody loves Miss Independent. But you want to know a bit of a secret? She doesn’t really care. Society tends to judge her as uber career-oriented, unwilling to listen, unlikable, and impossible to achieve. Someone who is personally friends with her, however, would tell you that is far from the truth. Strong women are […]

Science also believes that women are more powerful than gents, know what the evidence is??

Women are repeatedly called weak and weak, but they have proved every time that they are not less than men in ability and hard work. Today, she is driving from scooty to rocket, from ordinary laborer to combat soldier, and from small tea shops to banks and multinational companies. From kabaddi, football, archery and cricket […]

Take Charge of Your Happiness to Build Self-Esteem

A healthy self-esteem empowers you with the freedom to be yourself, to do the things you enjoy doing and to follow the right path for you. You’ll be more inclined to seek genuine friendships and feel comfortable with who you are. The overall focus will be more positive and that can help with happiness. Increasing to charge your Self-Esteem and […]

Why Practicing Self-Care Is Important

Self-care is a general term that describes everything you do deliberately for your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. As simple as it sounds, many of us pay little attention to self-care. This is why ‘deliberately’ is one of the most important words in the definition. You need to be conscious of your well-being before you […]

She Gave New Identity To India’s Woolen Fashion Industry

A leading manufacturer of shawls – Shingora was never in the cards for Mridula, but she made it happen with a lot of determination, help and support along the way. Seventy-year-old Mridula Jain summarized her entire journey of building Shingora, a leading Indian luxury brand of shawls, scarves, and stoles, with these words: “There is […]

How This Woman Entrepreneur Turned From Fat to Fit & Built A Business From Her Passion

“Sometimes the main difference between people who do big things and the people that don’t is just the courage to begin where you are.” These are the first words you see when you stumble across the techie turned entrepreneur, Prolisma Power Woman Shama Tulisigiri. Prolisma Questions: Please tell us more about yourself. Shama Tulshigiri Answers […]

TRENDING: COVID19 Positive Man Shares His Experience After Getting Infected From CoronaVirus

A Mount sinai west, New York man shares his experience on COVID19 after getting infected. He wrote: “Here’s my story with coronavirus, especially for young people who think this virus isn’t dangerous. .😷🤒🤕.I started feeling chills and my body felt weak on March 8th, I thought it is a normal cold/flu that will heal soon.It […]

kanika Kapoort tested Positive For COVID19

The Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor tested Positive for COVID19. “No one is safe including our celebs. Unfortunately singer Kanika Kapoor tested positive. Reportedly, she is admitted to King George’s Medical University (KGMU) hospital in Lucknow. According to the sources, Kanika, who had returned from London a few days back, arrived here on March 15 and went straight […]

Things we forget to do in our busy life, that is much more important too

“By definition, you have to live until you die. Better to make that life as complete and enjoyable an experience as possible, in case death is shite, which I suspect it will be.” ― Irvine Welsh, TrainspottingThings change with time and we get acquainted with the new rules and new changes. We get busy, busy […]

He who wrote his future at 19 – Pete Cashmore

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. – Harriet TubmanAn young boy at the age of 13 had an appendectomy, which he couldn’t […]

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