Beauty Pageant Winner Now an Army Officer, Netizens Go Gaga Over Lt. Garima Yadav’s Life Journey

You know that when you plant the tree in the flowerpot the plant grows within the limits of the flowerpot.but when you plant the tree in the field the tree growth is not limited. just like the flowerpot. We limited our self to growth, too. We think of society, and we’ve limited ourselves to production. Sometimes our thought is out of the box and we think it’s not the best though and we’re avoiding them for fear of what society thinks. Stop worrying about society first and start listing yourself to the core. Let’s talk about Garima Yadav on that note, everyone knows about the Garima Yadav a former winner of the beauty pageant. She won a pageant in 2017 titled The Miss Charming Face of India. If a woman should want to do something that no one can stop here. A woman can be whatever she chooses to be and breaking expectations is just one of the many things that women can do. She is now a member of the Indian Army. She chose to serve the country over a beauty pageant. Her story is one that is both amusing and inspiring.

Garima says that “I am a single mother-child, and she has been there for me in all my ups and downs, motivating me, she’s a strong woman and my true inspiration. I just wanted to make her proud.  I was preparing for civil services, but I guess the army was my true calling.”

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Mother is the first inspiration for us all forever. If you can’t find the way, just sit down with your mother and you get all the answers to your question.

She has outstanding OTA training. It was hard for her to cope with the rigorous training at first, and the weather was unfavorable too. She didn’t have very good physical expectations but the first few months she managed somehow. She did not give up and dramatically changed. She took an active part in all of the training events. You just should be able to accept and work on your weakness. Faced with the dilemma we do better and better every day.

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Looking at her path we can rightly say a woman is everything she wants to be. None and nothing will stop her being what she aspires to be. Garima has had to prove her mettle in both realms in terms of physical attributes. Whereas one demanded that she be powerful, the other demanded that she be beautiful. Thus, people let this be a lesson. So people take a lesson and do whatever happens to make you live your dreams happy.

In the words of Lt. Garima Yadav, “ People have a wrong conception that you have to be good at all sports, physically strong to get selected in the SSB, that’s not true.”

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