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Prolisma Sales Member/Affiliate Program


Prolisma gives an opportunity earn a monthly income. You will be Prolisma’s brand ambassador promoting Prolisma’s sales and discount campaigns and works/products/catalogs/images. 

Number of Vacancies: 2


You get a salary of INR10000 every month from us with target based sales. The target is to make 5 sales every week total 20sales per month. Once your target is achieved you receive a payout INR10000 from us. If in any month you miss to achieve the target you will be paid 5% of the total sales you did on that particular month. You can work anywhere else as a full time employee and still work with us as it is strictly an online work.

Please WhatsApp +91-9404002664 to get creatives to advertise. You can directly choose products (take a snapshot or download image) from our shop page  and advertise anywhere (Eg: Your social medias and groups like Facebook/Instagram) and in any country. You can also give Product code is the “‘SKU” mentioned in the product page.


  • Click here to Register as an member, if you are not an affiliate already, if you are already a registered affiliate please click here to login.
  • Post you register you will be able to see member link on your dashboard. If you are facing any difficulty in getting the link please email
  • You will get a link on the dashboard the same shall be used and shared along with the forwards and promotional messages to whomsoever you can.
  • Every time a purchase happens using your link you will see the details immediately on your dashboard. 
  • Salary is released monthly.
  • Once you apply for this please do send a WhatsApp here to receive updates on new arrivals and special announcements to advertise.

Ways to promote (Examples):

  • You share the discount coupon and promotional images across your social media handles.
  • You can also create an explicit Prolisma Instagram account to publish posts.
  • You can choose to create a separate Prolisma specific instagram account (for example you are from US and you want to have instagram account named Prolisma_US and manage it or you can simply advertise on your personal profiles. 

Looking forward to have you on board. Share more. Earn more.

Contact us by filling the form below or on our social media links here for a quicker response (Facebook Instagram/ FB Messanger/ Email).

Good Luck!

Read all terms and conditions here. 

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Join Our Influencer Community

We’re so happy you stopped by to learn more about our influencer program. Here at Prolisma, we handcraft Indian ethnic wears (and soon launching skin/hair care range) products and would love for you to join us in spreading the word about us.

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Program Perks

  • 15% commissions on all sales referred for lifetime value of customer
  •  Exclusive discounts on new products + other exciting perks
  • Generous incentives, monthly goals and fun contests (a little friendly competition!)
  • Marketing materials, professional photos and promotional resources to help grow your referral business
  • Personal contact with a committed Prolisma team member to support your success.