It’s a great pleasure having you as a member of the Prolisma family. You will soon start receiving product updates from us in your inbox.

You will soon start receiving Product updates from us in which you will have your commissions included and you can advertise them in your friends/family/buyers/sellers/social media etc to earn commission.

If you are a registered affiliate please get your affiliate link by logging in to the link below and you will see your affiliate link under the tab named Creatives after you login here.

If you are not an affiliate please ignore the affiliate things mentioned above. If you are or become an employee in Prolisma and receive a monthly salary the affiliate commissions won’t be applicable for you. If you are selling in your own website affiliate link is not applicable to you. 

If something is not yet live on our website and you are advertising it in advance and you are probably collecting orders through your website/social medias/Phone calla/Whatsapps/Emails etc), please make sure to use design numbers for easy tracking. In such cases the order is considered an offline order.

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Terms & Conditions:
-Everything shared shall not be recreated/reproduced/rebranded/resold. Prolisma name should be explicitly used to market the products.
-Prices are subject to change and all calculations happen on runtime (as per the present price and the time order is placed). Price changes don’t happen very often.

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