A letter from the Founder

Swarna Mishra

In 2017 Swarna Mishra found Prolisma.

It was initially started with the idea of being a platform for the un-apologetically ambitious, sexy & confident woman. Woman who knows how to be a bossbabe and take care of her personal relationships equally, who knows how to stay strong and carry her heels with all that positive attitude.

It wanted to be a place where women share their stories, read inspiring stuffs, feel proud of pulling their mom jeans, carry the heels high but also know how to laugh out to their silly failures and try to get that dream fulfilled with a new approach.

It wanted to be a modern women’s go to place, where you show up messy, where you show up imperfect, but you show up anyhow. &yes, when there is woman, there is fashion and that’s how Prolisma Fashion shop came into existence.

We started connecting all the core manufactures, the real manufactures of the special things from the origin (and not the in-between dealers), Example we take handcrafts from Odisha, Rajasthan, Cottons from Kolkatta, Georgette from Surat, Tarkashi jewelry from Odisha, Southern silk from the South, Paithani from Maharashtra, Sea Karigaris from the sea shore locals, Westerns from the USA and Korea.

We then started showing the real videos of the products from the factory so that you get to see well in advance, before you buy in online. This is not always possible, but we try also we have started taking the catalog suits in a more deeper level so its you get what you see. There will be different categories like Premium, Budget Replicas etc.

We are trying our best to connect our idea of taking stuffs from the origin (so that we also respect and help the original artisan), and add value to the growth of the nation.

We are trying to connect with you directly, through our stories, website, live streaming, videos, audio and chat supports. Our whats app number is in our bio.

With such super sexy ambitions, confidence and fashion, can’t you repeat after me “FUTURE IS FEMALE”. You are welcome to share your feedback, We will love them to hear them.

We hope you’ll like Prolisma as much as we do, and have a great growth and shopping experience here. Our prime goal is creating a shop in which you can easily find whatever product you need. We provide a huge selection of women’s fashion wear. We’ve got stuff for fashionistas in premium and budget range. We have everything you would need for a daily outfit or exotic parties.

Keep Contact with Us
We keep working on our community and this web store and are open for any suggestions. If you have any questions or proposals, please do not hesitate contact us via the links below.
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