A modern-sassy woman’s go-to-book

The new world, the new standards came with its own benefits, and with their own issues. We women face so many regular hustles, which sometimes can shake our self confidence. Here is a go-to guide for the modern, sassy women- you. When life gives you blues, you have to accept it and stay strong too. Here is how!

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Keep your heels high

Heels gives us confidence to conquer. It makes us look bold. Never ever underestimate the power of a fine heel.

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Don’t cry in public

Well women by nature, we are emotional. But try to avoid crying in public. It’s not important to show your emotions to the almost strangers.

Take benefit of your smartness.

Women’s have this by birth. Then why not  take maximum benefit out of it? Do conquer in your own way.

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Don’t let anyone rule your personal life.

Don’t be a puppet. Remember you are the boss of your life. So never allow anyone to rule your life. You are CEO, here girl!

Have that red lipstick on

Well, this doesn’t need an explanation. Keep that red lipstick on, whatever the occasion may be. It’s a value addition to your boldness.

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Keep that dress ready for the event- always.

Be ready, always. You never know,  tonight you might get a date invitation or you have to host a party.  Keep that dress, with your pair of heels ready.

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Stay independent-Financially and emotionally.

Emotionally, because you should be knowing whom to trust and whom not to. Financially, because, time changes. There will not always be someone to take care of you. You need to learn to take care of yourself.

Be close to friends and family

There is no explanation required. They are the close ones, so no excuse on this.

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Learn to stay happy, with your own company.

Yes, life is journey where you will get up’s and downs. You will find yourself walking with strangers next to you and suddenly you might realize, you have no one. So learn to enjoy your own company.

Feel proud and happy about yourself.

There is no denying to this, Feel happy, and proud about yourself so that you can see a happy world around you.

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