5 Things For True Relation

Relation when we listen to this word we sense something but what ..? then some questions come in my mind like what is relation? how does it feel? It’s something that gives profit or loss? our life is base on relation? and many more.

The relation is the bonding between the people when we develop a strong bond then we find that more that blood connection some time.bond can be created by spending the time, talking with each other, sharing feelings, supporting the people, making them happy, laugh with each other etc.

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Sometimes have you felt that, we feel for that person with whom we shouldnt meet, we aren’t linked with them .. but still feel for them.for example superheros! We are not related to them but we like them. if something negative happens in their life it also affects us. why? I think that we don’t know everything about their life. We are not linked with them but we are indirectly related with them. The indirect link is social media. any terrible news about the superhero we read on social media not at once but many times and our mind started thinking about that one guy. indirectly the relation is established. There are so many things needed to create the strong connection we see.

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  • Trust : All relations are based on trust .When we are building a connection with someone then trust is the basic thing. We may also say that trust is the pillar of the relation.keep trust on your own self and also on the other person to maintain the healthy relation.
  • Good listener : Listening is also the part of connection when you are talking with them you have a patient in you to listen to the view of another person. reflect on that and then take the action
  • Honesty : In any situation whatsoever, you need to ensure that there is honesty. Just do not lie about something because if you lie; the trust will  break. Once the trust breaks than it is very difficult to build the trust.it takes more time to deal with the relation.sometime it will split the connection even. 
  • Spend time :for a healthy connection we have to spend good time. the good time become the memory and that memory will help you to face the worst circumstance in your life
  • Quality of forgiveness : forgiveness is one of the good qualities in the human.we all have the quality but sometimes the ego comes betweens and we forget the best quality in us. When anyone does wrong to you don’t think about revenge just forgive and move on.

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