5 step guide for better money management

We live in a time, where earning money is a challenging thing and so is saving. Sometimes we see our pockets completely empty in the last week of the month and sometimes we are out of cash in the half of the month.
For all the peoples who see such difficulties, here is how-to guide, to manage the regular budget/finance in a more beneficial approach. This way you won’t compromise with you won’t compromise with your standard of living and you will be able to manage your money well too.
Investment is the key.
Keep the 5% of your monthly income, just for investment. For the good return. Invest in anything, share market, mutual funds. Do investigate better and invest in appropriate channel. If you have not yet opened an account through which you can invest in shares, do open and start investing.
As you are just doing a little investment it will not have a big risk, a little more extra income after 30-90 days, for this 5% investment is always a win-win case for you.
Do not rush to a shopping mall always, just because you are getting bored.
This has become a regular approach for for many of us. There are a plenty of other things, we can do instead of rushing to a shopping mall/market place when we feel like going out, or we are getting bored. Do some exercise, put efforts for your own body, do some thing that you love to do, give some priority to your hobby. Ending up in shopping malls in the weekend’s just because we are bored, makes us buy things that we really don’t need. And this becomes a pain in our pocket at the end of the month.
Try to keep the hard cash, always in bank.
Putting the cash in the bank, of investing it somewhere for someday is always beneficial. The little extra interest we get is always good. When we keep the cash in our house, we are not necessarily getting benefited and there is always a risk of loosing this money. We might keep it somewhere and forget too.
Plan something, that will make you money even when you are sleeping.
This needs effort. If your investing, good your money is making more money out of itself when you are not working or sleeping. Try to make the money flow. When it flows it multiplies. Try to make a small business out, where you can invest  and get benefit out of it.
Take care of your kid’s savings.
Kids do save a lot of money, from their pocket moneys and other things. Try to keep it in bank, rather than keeping in a blue/pink small box in your house. And later, don’t forget to reward your kid with the interests, that their money got as interest. Not necessarily, by giving money to them directly, but by some other ways, that makes them happy. You are the parent, you know your kid better.
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