5 Indian Women Who Went Viral On Social Media For All The Right And Wrong Reasons

We all have so many dreams in our childhood.in that all dreams we also have one dream that we have to get famous. We want everybody to know us .We just wanted to become famous as children and have a life like the celebrities.

Yet we have some quality to become popular which is different from others. We’ve got to work hard at becoming famous in the old days but now we’ve got social media.

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One way to become famous is via social media. We ‘re not taking a lot of effects to become popular. The craze of social media is more among the younger crowd. All the information is accessible on social media today. as we see that all of us use social media every day. It’s becoming part of life and we get entertainment , news, knowledge, etc on social media. Sometimes it’s really helpful for us, but sometimes it’s not. Each of you knows that we are more addicted to something that’s really dangerous to us as well. everything as their own limit and if we are crossing the limits then it is detrimental to us..Nowadays everyone wants to become famous. for that they use social media apps like tik tok,youtube etc to make videos using fake filters to look flawless. Let’s think about some of the women who have been trending on social media for all the right and wrong  reasons

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  • The Wink Girl : Priya Prakash Varrier hit the internet with her iconic wink. Her video went viral after her Malayalam debut film Oru Adaar Love released its first single.In this video, she winks at the film’s male lead, and that melted the heart of the internet users.Her acting is the best in the video as she gets loved by people with social media support. Priya Prakash Varrier is the first runner up on the beauty pageant for Miss Kerala and she is also a model. She’s appeared in several commercials since becoming an internet sensation and she’s all set to try her luck in Bollywood.
  • The Morality Aunty: A Delhi woman’s recent video conveying remarks about young girls for wearing short clothes shocked the entire country. The Delhi woman asked some men in the restaurant to “rape” women who wear short clothes.She also advised the girls parents to teach them how to act, how to wear the clothing, how to talk. All this is recorded in video and the video is put on the instagram and the woman becomes famous for the wrong reasons. It is disgusting because no one has the right to judge someone by their clothing. The rape happens in society not because they wear short clothes, but because of the small minds.
  • The “Hello Friends Chai Peelo” Lady : Once Somvati Mahavar posted a video of her asking people to drink tea,She would  never have thought her video could be viral like this and she’d become famous. In the video she is asking to have a tea to here friends. social media is the place where anything can get viral overnight we can’t predict. The Fever of ‘Hello friends chai peelo refuses to slow down! Yet another legend video has gone viral, this time it’s giving you high quality juice. The internet is a crazy place where almost everyone can transform into a sensation overnight, all they need is one video!
  • Dhinchak Pooja : This woman is getting viral for a self-composed song on social media. Dhinchak Pooja released on YouTube her self-written and self-composed song ‘Swag Wali Topi’, ‘Selfie Maine Leli Aaj which just went viral in a few days!Those songs have inexplicable views! With no sense of music and poorly edited videos, this Delhi girl makes us wonder if all of our preferences have gone for a toss, or if a new concept has been discovered.Not every time we ‘re in search of the best version or the best song to make the video viral.
  • The SRK Girl : Saima shot to fame when SRK visited a college in Pune to promote his film Raees, a girl among bystanders. She  never thought that she is getting viral for the single group click by the king khan.As soon as her selfie went viral with Shah Rukh, people began putting forward proposals for her marriage, modeling offers, and advice like to move into Bollywood.sometime one selfie also can change our life.

This was the era of social media. It’s the world of magic. All these people get famous overnight only because of some poor filmed video, self-composing songs, asking for tea, judging on clothes, wink girls, etc. so we see everybody as different talents and because of that they get famous this is the virtual social media world.

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2 thoughts on “5 Indian Women Who Went Viral On Social Media For All The Right And Wrong Reasons

  1. Deepika Ahuja says:

    YAY !!! So true We Dream the same Fame but in a positive way but sometimes luck favours in a right way to wrong person and they gets the fame and what not

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